let rescue pc install and configure your computer network
Figure 1
Fig 1. Computer Networks?

computer networks

There are many types and ways to have your computer network installed and configured from simple wired (ISP provided modem with cable to your computer) to multiple computers running secured wireless connectivity (ISP provided modem to a wireless hub which connects all your networked devices secured from the outside world).
These network devices can be anything that runs TCP/IP(Internet enabled)devices like desktop computers, laptops, printers, smartphones, games consoles, security systems the list is endless.
So Network problems resolved, easy access to the WWW, have your home PC's networked together, Wireless Computing installation and setup, Wireless security, Advise on protection from the "Outside World"

Key Benefits why Rescue PC should configure your network

  • Able to run the latest games/applications
  • Latest security patches installed
  • Clean and safe computer system
  • Secure internet access
  • No untidy wires throughout your premises
  • All computers connected to the internet at the same time